Anthony J. Marolda

Annisquam is on Ipswich Bay, and the Bay is the lifeblood of the area. Sailing is a common activity enjoyed by many residents. The Annisquam Yacht Club sponsors numerous races and the watercolor painting to the right commemorates those events. It is a windy, ominous day. Perfect for an exciting race where the finish line is near the Annisquam bell bouy.

Sailing vessels in Gloucester Harbor were common for over two hundred years. The Grand Banks Schooners were the most elegant of those vessels. When one arrived home from its long stay in the frigid North Atlantic, it was met by competitive fish dealers each of whom wanted to be the first to bid on the catch. That is the subject of the soft pastel painting above of the vessel, Canopus. It was taken from an old photograph. The Manufactory is shown, along with Ten Pound Island and its light.