Anthony J. Marolda

My professional life was split between working as a physicist and, later, as a management consultant for technology based firms. This experience gave me a strong interest in science and technology. As a result, over the last few years, I wrote a series of articles for the Gloucester Daily Times on related subjects. Some of them are listed below with links to PDF versions.
"Our energy future"
"The search for extraterrestrial intelligence"
"Who invented the electric lightbulb?"
"A meeting with the Jumping General"
"The promise and threat of Artificial Intelligence"
"The science and vision behind a mission to mars"
The photos on the top relate to some of the articles. On the left is General James M. Gavin. He was the Jumping General. In the middle is the Harvard University radio telescope used in their SETI program. It is situated in Harvard, MA, where I used to live, so I had an opportunity to visit the observatory. On the right is Dr. Isaac Adams, Jr. who invented the electric light bulb fourteen years before Thomas Edison.
"Fact checking a climate change zealot"
"Climate change: science or religion?"
"Preparing for an "extinction level event"
"Waiting for the singularity"
"Humanoid robots and the theory of mind"
"Big data analytics are affecting your life"
"Should we apologize for Hiroshima?"
"Crows are "wicked smaht"
"Exploring the science of rogue waves"
"The Fermi Paradox - Where is everybody? "
"Alexander Graham Bell and the North Shore"
"Senate democrats should be ashamed"
"Living with Artificial Superintelligence"
"How likely is a Tsunami on Cape Ann"
"How real is the Green New Deal?"
"The truth is out there"
"The beneficent bats are in trouble"
"The day I flatlined"
"The Earth's magnetic field is on the move"