Anthony J. Marolda

My first visit to Fenway Park was about age 11. At the time, I had a job as a newspaper boy for the Boston American, now merged with the Herald. One day the man that brought us our papers also handed out tickets to a Red Sox day game. My parents let me go on my own to the game (the times were very different and kids were allowed to do things that would be unthinkable today). I went by subway to Kenmore Square and then walked to the Park.

Ria and Dan now live nearby. They asked for a painting of Fenway. To the right is my version of the park in oil. The view is my memory of about where I sat for that first game.

The drawing above is a pencil sketch of the house on Bay State Road where Ria and Dan now live. It is in the direction of the Citgo sign on the opposite side of Kenmore Square. The sign can be seen from Fenway Park.