Anthony J. Marolda

"The Intelligent Cosmos" is my latest book. It is now available in hardcover, softcover and Kindle editions on Amazon. It is a non-fiction work with the theme “intelligence”. All aspects of the phenomena are covered including human, animal, artificial and extraterrestrial intelligence.

The implications of "The Intelligent Cosmos" are profound for the future of humankind. The rest of this century will see the most dramatic changes in our way of life since the founding of the Republic. These changes include the end of Darwinian evolution for humans, and the beginning of man-made evolution through genetic engineering. This will include significant improvements in biological human intelligence.

Then will come, by mid-century, the advent of the Artificial Superintelligence. It will represent an intelligence far greater than all of humankind combined. And it will be an existential threat to us, unless we merge with it.

Now, we are on the verge of leaving Earth to form our first Colony on another planet, Mars. With this beginning, it is our destiny to bring consciousness and intelligence to the Milky Way galaxy, and then the rest of the Universe. And, over the next thousands and millions of years, we will.