Anthony J. Marolda

"The Adventures of Luke Watson, M.D." is my latest historical novel, consisting of five short stories that are chronological and have the same set of characters. It was published in the early summer of 2019.

Luke is the son of Doctor John Watson, the friend and colleague of Sherlock Holmes. Luke follows in his father's footsteps and becomes a medical doctor. He joins his father in his practice in the Marylebone section of London, near Baker Street. Unexpectedly, Luke is drawn into a case involving a national emergency. He follows his instincts and saves a critical military secret from an unfriendly, foreign power. He becomes a national hero and is drawn into a number of other cases. He begins to question his career choice. Should he remain a doctor, or become a consulting detective like his Godfather, Sherlock Holmes.

To the right is a photo composition that I created digitally. I used it in the design of the dust cover for the book. It shows Doctor Luke in his finery in deep thought on a stroll along the south bank of the river Thames.

Above is a portrait I did of Luke in oil on canvas board. For the reference photograph, I used a photo of Doctor Isaac Adams, the former owner of our house, and the subject of a biography I wrote several years ago. The portrait also appears on the dust cover of the book, and in the body of the text as well.