Anthony J. Marolda

"The Raid on H.M.S. Vindicator" was my first novel. It is a historical maritime adventure set during the Revolutionary War. It chronicles the adventures of a young, U.S. merchant marine officer who is sent on a mission to spy on the construction of the latest British First Class, Man-o'-War, H.M.S. Vindicator.

The book is available from Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle versions. My oil painting, used for the cover, is to the right and the actual book cover is above.

Here is an Amazon reader's review (Allen Hunt): "A really good maritime story with plenty of interesting twists and adventures that center around the main character. This story starts nicely and continues to build interest with new characters and situations being added along the story. There is good action and plenty of historical details that let you know that the author takes this genre seriously. I am looking forward to reading more from this author!"