Anthony J. Marolda

My career as a management consultant lasted almost forty years. I started in 1970 with Arthur D. LIttle, Inc. after graduating from the Harvard Business School. It was the oldest consulting company in the world, focused on working with technology based companies. I had the opportunity to work in a wide range of industries from energy to healthcare to automotive to defense. My specialty was Corporate Development, meaning business unit and corporate strategy development and the implementation of those strategies. I became Vice President in charge of the Management Counseling Section.

I did an enormous amount of writing. Every case required a final written report. I was also recruited by various publications to contribute articles or chapters for books. For example, I wrote chapters for McGraw-Hill handbooks, including those on marketing and corporate development.

Later, after I founded The Winbridge Group, we did a survey of the United States Defense Industry. It was the 1990's, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Federal Government wanted to cut back on Defense spending as part of the Peace Dividend. The Defense Department supported defense companies' efforts to diversify into commercial businesses. Over the years, I had worked with numerous defense companies looking at commercial businesses.


So, Winbridge conducted a major survey of the industry to see what it took to be successful, that is, what were the key success factors. The results were published and received a great deal of media attention. I was interviewed by various media on the results of the survey, including television news programs, newspapers and several magazines. I also wrote a chapter for a book on the commercialization of defense technology. It was "Regional Resilience and Defense Conversion: Research in Urban Economics", Volume II, pg. 31-53, copyright and published in December, 1997 by JAI Press (now Elsevier).
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