Anthony J. Marolda

A discussion of my paintings and writings would not be complete without a mention of my BFF and wife, Maria. Throughout my endeavors she has been there to provide her editing skills to my writings and keen eye to the critique of my paintings. Without her inputs I know my works would not have been their best.
I have tried to help her with her pursuits as well. She has been part of the Learning Disabilities Clinic at Children's Hospital for many years. Maria is one of the founders in the field of mathematics learning disabilities. Especially in the linking of neuroscience to the diagnosis of issues, and prescriptions for remediation. Over the years, she developed a detailed testing methodology based on neuroscience concepts. Later, I encouraged her to develop a computer-based Expert System that used the test results and captured her, and her colleagues’, insights into the diagnosis of math learning issues. With an enormous effort, she accomplished the task. The Expert System is now in use at Children's Hospital and will continue to be employed for many years after she leaves.

Maria is a degreed mathematician, so she is comfortable with numbers. She saw a need, and I helped her develop a computer-based, financial model of the Department. Over the years, she has assisted the clinic’s administration with their financial planning and control of the operation. They have acknowledged that her capabilities and actions have allowed the Clinic to grow and stay financially stable.