Anthony J. Marolda

Gloucester has always had in residence a large number of painters, writers and artists of all kinds. One of the most famous writers that found inspiration in Gloucester was Rudyard Kipling (above center). He lived here in the Fairview Inn while he wrote his iconic tale, "Captains Courageous". Another was the poet, T.S. Eliot, above right, who spent many summers as a young man on Eastern Point. Fameous painters who did some of thier best work on Cape Ann included Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper (above left). Surrounded by this history inspired me to both write and paint.

I started painting Gloucester subjects as soon as we bought our Annisquam house more than forty years ago. I began to write fiction several years ago after retiring from my professional career as a physicist and management consultant. Naturally, I focused on historical maritime adventures.

Because of my background in physics, I have long been interested in writing about science subjects for a general audience. More than thirty of my Popular Science articles have appeared in the Gloucester Daily Times, Salem News and/or Eagle Tribune. My most recent book came from those articles. It is non-fiction, entitled "The Intelligent Cosmos". It is subtitled "Intelligence: Human, Animal, Artificial and Extraterrestrial".

I learned to sail in Gloucester harbor several years before we moved here. And we have had sailboats moored in Gloucester's waters ever since. The activity provided great inspiration and background for both painting and writing. Several years ago, I decided to do the course work and take the Coast Guard exams to receive my Master's (Captain's) License for vessels up to 100 gross tons, with a sailing endorsement.

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